Graveola2014_3 - by TamasBodolay


Post-tropical polyphonic populists Graveola launch their fourth album ʻVozes

Invisíveis (Invisible Voices)ʼ on 24/02/14 for free download via their website:

ʻVozes Invisíveis (Invisible Voices)ʼ is according to Luiz Gabriel-Lopes from the

band, an “inventory of sketches, studies and experiments” and acts as a bridge

following the critically acclaimed ʻEu Preciso de um liquidificadorʼ in 2013 and

their forthcoming fifth album later this year.

Influenced by kitsch pop radio and dusty classical vinyls Graveola create a

sound they call “carnival-cannibalism”. Mixing the cannon of 20th century

Brazilian music – in particular samba, bossa and tropicalia – with folk, jazz, funk,

Latin, baroque and blues influences their music brings to mind the playful

psychedelic pop of the legendary Os Mutantes.

The Guardian newspaper describe the band as having a ” a uniquely skewed

indie aesthetic” and itʼs a combination of their fierce independence, non-stop

creativity and progressive attitude to the distribution of their music that sees

them release via the internet for free ʻVozes Invisíveisʼ.