Belo Horizonte – Minas Gerais – Brasil


ICONILI was created in 2006. In this small orchestra, the guitars, bass and organ join a horn section and a percussion duo. To the afrobeat’s beat are mixed together samba, funk, carimbo, jazz, rock and other influences. The result is a powerful and contemporary musical profusion, sophisticated and groovy, far from hermetical. A brazilian, tropical yet international sound, that maintains its african origins while being open to experimentation.

The band, wich has an album – Iconili (2010) and an EP – Tupi Novo Mundo (2013), has performed at important stages such as Circo Voador, in Rio de Janeiro, and SESC Pompéia, in São Paulo, in addition to various festivals across the country, achieving flattering critics from british journal The Guardian and Rolling Stone magazine, and being considered to have held one of the best concerts of the year of 2013 by Jornal O Globo. In 2012, Iconili went through a musical residency with nigerian guitarist-arranger  Oghene Kologbo, who played in Fela Kuti’s Africa 70. Now, the group invites the public to have a taste of their newest work, the album Piacó.

In the new album, the band maintains the idea of promoting mixtures and lots of  musical experimentation, in ethno-rhythmic voyages that give rise to a brazilian music in constant dialogue with its ancestral roots and their contemporary unfoldings.

The album is a delicious encounter between contrasts: kindness and power, lightness and noise, urban and bucolic environments, the city and the rituals.



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