Laura is a Brazilian singer and composer. She has always had contact with art in her home, where she was first introduced to the universe of music. Born in Belo Horizonte in the mid eighties, Laura still lives in this city that she admires greatly. She also lived in Rio de Janeiro, an important period for her compositions and musical production. Her first album is called “Abaporu”. It represents her view of the foreign reality mixed up with details of Brazilian traditional culture, symbolized by the strength of colors, rhythms, sophisticated poetry and melodies. This CD is the singer’s trip to the artistic universe and it’s dialogue with mankind. Laura delved into various sources to create her songs; much like Tarsila do Amaral did with the Abaporu painting (1928), a tremendously important landmark for artistic production in Brazil at the end of the 1920s. Along side talented musicians and producers, Laura had a solid and creative launch! The album Abaporu was widely praised by critics throughout the country. Its popularity among those passionate about music put it among the top albums of 2012 and in 2013 the CD was nominated at the Latin Grammy Awards. In addition to her solo work, Laura is also part of the live composing orchestra Frito na Hora and the group Coletivo ANA.



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